How to hire a great Discord bot developer

In 2015, Skype and TeamSpeak were Discord’s two most significant rivals in terms of market share. Discord swiftly established itself as the dominant viewpoint in internet conversations. The vast majority of players consider Discord to be the superior gaming platform. Discord has now broadened its functionality despite the fact that it was first developed with gamers in mind. Since their solution is now available to businesses, it is in direct competition with products like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Server administrators have unrestricted authority over all aspects of their servers’ operation within Discord. There is the possibility of more than one channel, each of which may contain time-limited threads.

An office may have only a single point of contact for IT concerns. The IT team can talk about the security of passwords and a breach in security through this channel.

Channels and topics are only the beginning of what Discord has to offer. They make the construction of server task bots possible for computer programmers. Discord bots operated by artificial intelligence provide members with access to special benefits. They have the ability to welcome new users, handle fundamental administrative tasks, add music to a channel, as well as ban undesirable participants. Developers have the ability to construct bots to carry out certain server duties. Some bot creators collaborate with other members of the Discord community, such as writers and painters, to create games.
If you collaborate with the right bot creator, changing Discord is something that is doable. If you’re not familiar with Discord, hiring one can be a difficult task. Using this strategy, you should have no trouble finding a developer for your team’s Discord bot.

Find Out What You Want from Discord Bots

When searching to employ bot developers, the first step you should take is to determine the specific characteristics that you require from a single bot or from a collection of bots. You can do this either before or after you begin your search. It can start off as a simple list of ideas that you’ve been mulling over, with the functionality that you want to add on one side of the page and probable user commands on the other.


When looking into Discord bots, the term “functionality” refers to the goals you have for what they can do in actual use. For example, the TacoShack bot emulates a video game and enables users to manage their very own taco stand by modifying the menu, amassing virtual currency, buying advertisements, and even affiliating with a real-world taco chain. The functionality of TacoShack consists of these several components taken together.

User Instructions

The instructions that a user enters into Discord in order to enable a bot’s features are referred to as user commands. In general, a fresh user command is required for each distinct activity that your bot is able to carry out. The TacoShat bot would need new instructions if the scenario above were to occur. For example, discovering the workers whose performance is being evaluated and altering the menu they use would require a different set of commands.