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How It Works

1. Onboarding

First, we gather details on the position(s) you are trying to fill. You provide the requirements for each role and ideal candidate traits.

2. Screening Process

We start contacting and screening potential candidates in our private resume network (1k+ USA-based programmers).

3. Interview Candidates

Candidates who show interest and pass the screening process are sent to your team for final interviews.

4. Hire Candidate(s)

Your team coordinates with the remaining candidate(s). Only pay for candidates you hire and retain for 30+ days.

5. Payment Terms

We charge a fee equivalent to 9% of the candidate's first year salary. Temporary and contract hires are negotiable rates.

6. Feedback For Next Time

Your team gives us feedback on the overall hiring experience. We value your feedback as it helps improve the process for next time.

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