Veteran Software Engineer

Senior software engineer, architect, team leader & mentor. Over thirty years of professional, hands-on experience in many technical ecosystems. Looking for roles of chief technology officer, technical leadership, or senior individual contributor

Sr. Fullstack Developer

I’m a Web Developer specializing in back end development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and Python.

Sr. Software Engineer

Software engineer and tech lead with management experience. 8 years of experience in the data ecosystem
– Python, Apache Spark, and AWS are my areas of expertise. 2 years of software engineering management
experience, leading a small team of data engineers, working cross-functionally with data scientists and
product owners.

Front End Web Developer

I am a front-end web developer from new jersey.
I discovered my love for web development while working as a telecommunication technician at data centers throughout new jersey. I work every day learning to overcome new obstacles to better hone my skills and further my abilities as a web developer.

OSINT Software Developer

As an Intelligence Analyst, I work on behalf of our clients to ensure they are able to successfully respond to cyber threats on behalf of their customers and clients.

UX/UI Designer/Developer

Being a seasoned creative director and UX/UI Designer/Developer, I am able to expertly work with clients, manage associates and lead organizations. I am driven by design, creating extraordinary marketing collateral, websites and brand identities for my intended audiences.

Product Design Lead / Manager

A Product Design Lead & Sr. Web Developer with over 16 years of experience. Leading & mentoring teams with a focus on User Experience, Design Systems, DesignOps and Product Roadmap Go-To-Market Strategies .

Full Stack Software Engineer

I am a full stack software dev with an affinity for retro-computing, open source, web development, and building the simplest thing that could possibly work.